About Easyminer

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About Easyminer

Easyminer its a quality bitcoin mining software developed with simplicity in mind.
Currently it supports bitcoin, litecoin mining and all other coins based on sha256 and scrypt algo.
Easyminer can mine also all cryptocoins supported by the builtin ccminer:    
                bitcoin     Bitcoin

            blake       Blake 256 (SFR/NEOS)

            blakecoin   Fast Blake 256 (8 rounds)

            c11         X11 variant

            deep        Deepcoin

            dmd-gr      Diamond-Groestl

            fresh       Freshcoin (shavite 80)

            fugue256    Fuguecoin

            groestl     Groestlcoin

            jackpot     Jackpot

            keccak      Keccak-256 (Maxcoin)

            luffa       Doomcoin

            lyra2v2     VertCoin

            myr-gr      Myriad-Groestl

            neoscrypt   neoscrypt (FeatherCoin)

            nist5       NIST5 (TalkCoin)

            penta       Pentablake hash (5x Blake 512)

            quark       Quark

            qubit       Qubit

            sia         Siacoin (at pools compatible to siamining.com) 

            skein       Skein SHA2 (Skeincoin)

            s3          S3 (1Coin)

            spread      Spread

            x11         X11 (DarkCoin)

            x13         X13 (MaruCoin)

            x14         X14

            x15         X15

            x17         X17 (peoplecurrency)

            vanilla     Blake 256 8 rounds

            yescrypt    yescrypt

            whirl       Whirlcoin (old whirlpool)

            whirlpoolx  Vanillacoin 

It features minerd,ccminer,cudaminer,cgminer(both cuda-nvidia,opencl-amd) and asic mining for Bitcoins.
Easyminer has 2 working modes: Moneymaker mode(dedicated to LTC mining on our stratum pool) or Solo mode wich allowes you to choose a pool of your own, and a custom hash algo for the coin you want to mine. You can also mine solo without a pool (not advisable) 
 Another great features is the market cap banner from the chat window, to show and update in realtime prices for different crypto currency. 
To install just unzip Easyminer_setup archive and run the setup file. Bypass the Smart Screen Filter(win10) by clicking See more.
Please note some Antiviruses might popup virus or PUP(potentialy unwanted) warnings. If you downloaded Easyminer from a trusted zone(sourceforge,softpedia or easyminer.net) you have nothing to fear these are just false positive.
 A reason for false positive you might find on our website www.easyminer.net/blog.
If you feel uneasy or unsure about this false positive warnings please do not use/download this software.
Easyminer is free to use developed under the Donationware protocol and GPL.

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