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Helpers are Premium users which choose to Donate in order to help the Easyminer Project.

Premium users benfits with instant support regarding mining or any other related issue .


-0.0090 LTC reward will be sent on your Easyminer online wallet

-one NagScreen Removal Code(insert this code inside Easyminer Reminder Window to disable it)

-increased LTC earnings by multiplying (x2) the total found blocks every 2 hours .

-your name (or website) will be published in the  Hall of Fame  section of this website (contact us for details)



  • Payments for this purchase are accepted as Donations only.
  • Bonuses are offered as gifts ,they are not mandatory nor do not represent a legal obligation from Easyminer Team part.
  • The Helper membership is active only when the subscriber is online mining and the "Use Easyminer Moneymaker Setup" mode is enabled!

If you do not agree with this Agreement please select a Copper plan.

Take note earnings are dependant on users hashing rate,network difficulty and the amount of users active on pool.






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Easyminer is Donationware,this means every payment towards this project must be in the form of donations. About Donationware