About Easyminer

  1. Easyminer its a quality bitcoin mining software developed with simplicity in mind. It serves as a GUI for ccminer, cudaminer, minerd or cgminer both opencl or cudamining.

    Easyminer support also ASIC mining based on cgminer ports.

  2. Easyminer will work in 2 modes :

    -classic : will mine in whatever pool you choose and with a cryptcoin currency of your choise

    -moneymaker mode : will mine in easyminer pool stratum earning you litecoins 

    The Stats and Easyminer wallet are available only in Moneymaker mode.

    The earnings threshold will be at an interval of 2 hours

  3. Every 2 hours of oline mining.

    Your earnings are anounced by a ballon pop hint in tray.

    All earnings are logged in Server Logs file (right click tray to view)

  4. You can increase Ltc Earnings by upgrading your hardware .

    See details here :


  5. The reminder will be removed only by donating .

    See details here:


Wallet Section

  1. To be able to acces your wallet you must be first logged in.
    If you don't  have an account you must register one.

    When accesing your wallet you must make sure your credentials (email and ltc adress)do not contain illegal chars or spaces.

  2. An account inactivation occures on 2 ocassions :

    - user gets inactive on pool  for a long time

    - user changed his computer or network card. If a new computer or network card is detected and using the same easyminer account credentials a new account will be created. See Wallet Security for more details

  3. To prevent hackers from stealing funds or prevent  Easyminer hidden installs on other computers also known as farm bots Easyminer will ensure the following security actions :

    - reset and set inactive any account who is using the same credentials on a new hardware like hdd or network card, if the first time registered Hardware ID on that account do not match

    - ban hacking attempts setting affected accounts inactive and inform user


  4. No, no inactive funds are lost, earnings are present and counted to the general Wallet amount.

  5. The General Amount must be at least 0.01 LTC to be able to withdraw .

    The minimum withdrawable sum for inactive accounts is 0.002 LTC, if the General Amount is reached.

  6. Easyminer Team will not take any Fees. The only fees payed are the ones from network transactions when funds are withdrawn.

    Fees amount are dependant on transaction amount.

    Google Litecoin Network Fees for more details.


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